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Lace wall plaque

Price : £18.00

The terracotta here has a filigree quality. The design is based on early nineteenth century handmade lace: a cross can be seen amongst the repeating flowers and leaf patterns. Two or more of these tiles could be used to space other more figurative designs to form richly decorative wall decor. With its even surface the tile would also make an unusual and attractive trivet.

Fixing Points: the single small hole in the tile
Dimensions: 9.8cm x 9.8cm

Imperfect Tiles (2 available)

Click here for details about imperfect tiles

Imperfect tiles are slightly below the high standards of our perfect tiles. These tiles are a great
way to add to your collection and saves 6 per tile against the price of perfect tiles.
An imperfect tile will have a small defect of some kind, such as a crack or surface blemish.
A crack will not be easy to spot from the front but is likely to be more obvious from the back.
You are welcome to contact us before purchasing an imperfect tile to ask about the defects.


Price : £12.00