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We have often been asked 'where can I put my tile?' Although we can give you suggestions such as, on a mantle piece or beam, on or over a door, kitchen splash back, in a porch, conservatory, on a patio/courtyard wall, it is helpful to see where people have actually located them.

This page has been set up to show how some of our customers have displayed their tiles. If you already have our tiles and would like to add another to your collection, please send us a picture of your tile(s) in their location. We'll send you a free tile of your choice! Please click here for details.

Rose & Sunburst and Heart tiles on a splendid headstone in Stafford (UK)Dear House & Cave Canem on a lovely House in Castel Giorgio (Italy)Collection of tiles lovingly displayed on wall in Carlton Colville (UK)A wonderful mosaic table top with St. Patricks Prayer in Tavenham UKHighgrove's Garden of Delights graces the entrance of home in Uckfield (UK)A much admired collection features on this garden shed in Deal (UK)An adored Fine Cat tile mounted on wall in Deal (UK)An imaginatively painted Carpe Diem tile from Madrid (Spain)A delightfully painted St George & the Dragon tile in Madrid (Spain)Fine Cat and Sunflower on the side of a garden shed in Deal (UK)A personalised Herb Garden tile amongst Lavender in Swalcliffe (UK)Love of music in Cartagena home in (Spain)Passenger Pigeon adorns a home in Glastonbury (UK)Fine wall art created by Laughing Dog Mosaics (Tionesta USA)Collection of tiles lovingly displayed on patio wall in Bexhill-on-Sea (UK)Carpe Diem on veranda in Rockhampton home (Australia)Dear House & Chinese Garden in lovely Rockhampton home (Australia)Christmas tiles made in the 1970s very nicely framed in Havelock North (NZ)A cluster of treasured objects on a wall in Norwich (UK)Ingenious use of our tiles cut into a patio stone wall in Wells (UK)Roxy's kennel is embellished with Cave Canem & Fine Dog in Canberra (Australia)Angel of Hope hangs contently by a fig tree in Taunton (UK)Love is Enough and Passenger Pigeon compliment a terracotta finial in Church Crookham (UK)Dear House tiles adorn entrance on house in Church Crookham (UK)The Four Seasons set proudly displayed on a wall in Bexhill (UK)Time and tiles sit harmoniously together on a Munich wall (Germany)Dear House in a Melbourne home featured in a William Morris setting (Australia)A lovely American customer in Newbury Park who is a big fan of our work (USA)Our tiles made a distant fleeting appearance in Hull (UK) on ITVs Love Your GardenOur tiles made a distant fleeting appearance in Hull (UK) on ITVs Love Your GardenThis cute dog did a little posing with the Hunting Dog and Peacock tiles in Harrogate (UK)A personalised Fine Dog tile to remember a greatly missed Border Collie in Earby (UK)Love is Enough sits amongst an eclectic mix of ornaments in South Petherton (UK)Magnificat & Fine Dog sit proudly on a wall in a house in Treviso (Italy)Lucky Carp have luckily made it into a tea-pot stand (UK)A work from home customer finds inspiration from 3 framed tiles in Newquay (UK)Two tiles displayed in this kitchen in Annan (Scotland)Posh framing of Medieval Garden and Rabbit in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates)superb collection of our tiles adorning a patio wall in Sheringham (UK)Plenty & Grace and Fortuna Domus get much admiration in a Leicester kitchen (UK)This cooker surround has a wonderful collection of our tiles in Lewes (UK)Our tiles have a lovely flowery spot fixed to fence timbers in Twickenham (UK)Magnificat has a loving home along with this foster care cat, Fareham (UK)Fortuna Domus next to the doorway of a Cretan Villa (Greece)Carpe Diem helpfully reminds this gardener to 'Sieze the Day' in Devizes (UK)Fine Dog gets constant viewing before and after walkies in Milborne (UK)A treasured collection of our tiles in Sheringham (UK)Two Zodiac tiles find a spot with framed tiles and a picture in Leicester (UK)2007 embedded in garden wall (USA)Chinese Garden in a Wells courtyard (UK)All Shall Be Well in a garden in Pavenham (UK)Chinese Garden was spotted by us on a house in Beddgelert, Snowdonia (Wales)Life's Great Adventure reaches colourful new heights in Wokingham (UK)Parva Domus was spotted by us when we visited Amersham (UK)A pillar of tiles in a Breckenridge home (USA)All Shall Be Well with family photos on a mantle piece in Lake Zurich (USA)Dear House & Somerset Blessing on a house wall in Ruskington (UK)Celtic Blessing fixed to a Cheltenham fireplace (UK)Carpe Diem Sun on a Bath patio (UK)Posy of Herbs has a good spot on a porch in Pacific Grove (USA)Viking Ship & Wolf Helmed Warriors on the courtyard wall in Leicester (UK)A Black Dog fan has sent several photos of tiles around their Leicester homeFive tiles help to liven up this driveway wall in Haywards Heath (UK)A group of 4 designs on courtyard wall in Leicester (UK)Fortuna Domus & Cave Canem next to the front door in Leicester (UK)Owl & the Pussycat tile on display in a glass cabinet Leicester (UK)Musical Angel with companions gaze down from above a door in Wilmette (USA)Let us Make Musick blows his bagpipe from this stairwell in Wilmette (USA)Good Men and Let us Make Musick hide the drainage holes in Tunbridge Wells (UK)Plenty & Grace has a pivotal spot in this kitchen in Evanston (USA)Welcome Sweet Babe 2010 is proudly hung on this nursery door in Evanston (USA)Three designs are proudly mounted on Littlewell Farm B&B near Wells (UK)Grace To This Place tile graces a newly finished home in Pacific Grove (USA)Bon Appetit in a London kitchen (UK)Tudor Rose Over a fire place in North DevonA painted version of Jacobs Ladder (USA)