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Medieval Garden

Medieval Garden wall hanging

Price : £17.00

This shows two rather well dressed gardeners working in a verdant garden. One holds a tree firmly whilst the other is carrying a basket of fruit and at their feet are two shovels. The design is based on woodcuts from one of the earliest books about gardening, The Book of Planting which was printed in Strasbourg in 1512. The quotation “God the first Garden made” is by Abraham Cowley (1618 – 1667), the seventeenth century Cavalier Poet. As well as being a poet Cowley took a great and practical interest in experimental science. His advocacy led directly to the foundation of the Royal Society in 1660. This is a really interesting and historic tile design for courtyards and gardens everywhere.

Fixing Points: two holes towards the top corners
Dimensions: 9.8m x 9.8cm