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Herb Garden

Herb Garden wall plaque

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Marjoram was one of the strewing herbs used to give our ancestors’ houses a clean and pleasant smell. Rosemary has always been widely used to give a piquant tang to all sorts of meat dishes. Thyme was, and still is, a basic herb used to flavour forcemeats and stuffings. Mint, both fresh and dried, has always provided flavour to many dishes, both sweet and savoury. Tied together with a formal ribbon, the four different herbs on this wall plaque are based on various engravings from 16th century Herbals. Together, they form a posy of herbys round which is engraved “Herbys Necessary for a Garden for Savour and Beaute”. The words form the title of a book written by Thomas Fromon and published in 1535, which included thirty species of herbs essential for a garden. This decorative plaque is an ideal addition to any kitchen or herb garden.

Fixing Points: the holes in the corners of the tile
Dimensions: 9.7cm x 9.7cm