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A personalised grape tile for sophisticated palates

Price : £32.00

Please click here to see further examples of this personalised design

The purchase option has been turned on again for September until mid-October 2020. After that we will review the situation.

Over the centuries, the vine has been used again and again as a decorative image. The leaves and grapes have formed the border of Roman mosaics, curled around medieval pillars and doors and woven their way through fabrics and embroideries right through the ages. Inspired by pottery seen in Sicily and modelled in terracotta, the grapes appear here on a single vine leaf.

We have created a version of the Good Wine tile that allows for a name or possibly a very short message which can accommodate up to 15 characters including spaces.

Fixing Points: the hole at the top just below the leaf's stem
Dimensions: 11cm x 10cm

Characters Available for Personalised Tiles

This tile supports up to 15 characters comprising of the following:

Letters: A to Z in capital letters     Numbers: 0 to 9

Additional Characters: ’ & - ! • (enter • using *)

Lower Case Letters: d, h, n, r, s, t, to make abbreviations such as 'st' 'nd' 'rd' and 'th'

Personalised Tiles Firing Schedule

Specially made tiles are added to firings as scheduled below. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for us to make your tile.

Notice regarding personalised tiles: With the coronavirus outbreak we suspended the personalised tiles as we could not guarantee when a firing would happen. As of September we have two firings: end of September and end of October. The purchase options for the personalised tiles have been switched on again until mid-October.


Next Firing

Deadline: 9th September ~ Firing Scheduled: 25th September

Firing closed to new orders

This is the first of two guaranteed firings. Please get your order in soon.


Following Firing

Deadline: 14th October ~ Firing Scheduled: 29th October

Lots of time to make your tile

This could be the final firing of the year depending on how much our shops are ordering. Hopefully, there will be a November firing but we have to see how sales are going.

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