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A personalised gift for a talented musician

A personalised gift for a musician

Price : £32.00

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The purchase option has been turned on again for September until mid-October 2020. After that we will review the situation.

This personalised tile is based on our Let us Make Musick design. This amusing decorative plaque shows a piper, bulbous cheeked with the effort of blowing his bagpipes. It is based on a carving on St Swithun’s Building in Magdalen College, Oxford.

We have made it possible to create a short message on this tile with up to 17 characters including spaces. Just add your message in the blank box above.

Fixing Points: one hole directly above piper's head
Dimensions: 11cm x 10.7cm

Characters Available for Personalised Tiles

This tile supports up to 17 characters comprising of the following:

Letters: A to Z in capital letters     Numbers: 0 to 9

Additional Characters: ’ & - ! • (enter • using *)

Lower Case Letters: d, h, n, r, s, t, to make abbreviations such as 'st' 'nd' 'rd' and 'th'

Personalised Tiles Firing Schedule

Specially made tiles are added to firings as scheduled below. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for us to make your tile.

Notice regarding personalised tiles: With the coronavirus outbreak we suspended the personalised tiles as we could not guarantee when a firing would happen. As of September we have two firings: end of September and end of October. The purchase options for the personalised tiles have been switched on again until mid-October.


Next Firing

Deadline: 9th September ~ Firing Scheduled: 25th September

Firing closed to new orders

This is the first of two guaranteed firings. Please get your order in soon.


Following Firing

Deadline: 14th October ~ Firing Scheduled: 29th October

Lots of time to make your tile

This could be the final firing of the year depending on how much our shops are ordering. Hopefully, there will be a November firing but we have to see how sales are going.

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