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Green Man of Wells (new version)

Green Man of Wells

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Based on a 14th century Green Man from the Chapter House of Wells Cathedral. Carved heads sprouting foliage have appeared in churches over many centuries. They are known by many names - including 'Lord of the Greenwood' & 'Tête de Feuilles' (Head of Leaves). Whilst their origins undoubtedly can be traced back to Pagan times, the images perhaps appear in churches as a symbol of Spring turning into Summer and rebirth. Being so high up in the ceilings of churches and cathedrals, roof bosses usually escaped destruction by the zealous Puritans who so disapproved of images in the House of God. Wells is famous for the carvings of kings, prophets and saints on the Cathedral’s west front, but there are also has some very fine corbels of which this is one. This is an ideal present for those who are Pagans or Wiccans or it could be the perfect gardening gift for the gentleman with greenfingers!

Fixing Points: the two holes in the tile
Dimensions: 10.2cm

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