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Welcome Baby 2015

A Welcome Baby Gift for 2015

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In past centuries, children were often told that storks delivered babies. Why do we associate storks with newly born babies? Storks have been revered in Europe since the middle Ages. Their association with babies originates many centuries ago in legend and lore native to northern Germany. One legend tells us that the souls of unborn children live in watery areas such as marshes, wells, springs and ponds. Since storks often visit these places, they were believed to fetch babies’ souls and deliver them to their parents.
Another answer might be that the legend grew because storks, symbols of happiness and good luck, arrived in Northern Europe in time for spring. In any event, this charming tile shows a stork (based on an 18th century wood engraving of Thomas Bewick) carrying a new born baby wrapped in a traditional shawl.
The background is based on early nineteenth century handmade lace. This traditional design makes a charming and very unusual present to welcome the arrival of a baby. This decorative tile will last long after other welcoming gifts are forgotten.

Fixing Points: one hole at the top of the tile
Dimensions: 9.8cm x 9.8cm