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My Noble Pony (45+ left)

My Noble Pony decorative wall plaque

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The design is taken from a child’s pottery plate made around 1820. It shows a boy looking after his noble pony and written on the plate is the verse: To me thou’rt worth thy weight in gold Thy skin is white as driven snow Thy pace is not too quick or slow The plate was made in Staffordshire by a method known as Transferware (which is still used today). An engraved image is printed on tissue paper and transferred onto the ceramic surface. On firing, the paper burns away but the image remains. This process is much swifter and cheaper than painting by hand. An ideal gift for anyone who loves ponies or horses. Not just for Pony Club members! - but for all horsemen and horsewomen or indeed anyone involved in the equestrian world.

Fixing Points: one hole just above the horse's head
Dimensions: 10.3cm x 10.2cm