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Heart - (3 left)

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With a large plain area this tile lends itself to being personalised. Or you can decorate this yourself with whatever you like.

This heart shape was created for a specific purpose. A neighbour was very helpful about drainage issues from our garage. As it happens they have a shepherd's hut which is called the Love Hut on Airbnb https://www.airbnb.co.uk/users/show/24337080. As a favour I created the Heart so I could add Love Hut (in letters much bigger than used on our personalised tiles). The design is very plain and I would not normally consider adding this to the range. But then I thought there might be the a few people out there who might like it.

The Silphium plant has a heart shaped seed which was used as a condiment and medicine in ancient times linking the plant to sexuality and love. This representation is found on silver coins from ancient Libya. Today's modern romantic heart symbol can be traced to a 13th century French manuscript, Roman de la poire, illustrated by a kneeling man handing the damsel the lover's heart.

Fixing Points: A hole or slot cut into the back of the tile
Dimensions: 11cm x 10.5cm