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Hodge - Dr Johnson's Cat

Hodge - Dr Johnson Fine Cat

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This special tile was adapted from our original Fine Cat design and was available from Dr. Johnson's House in London. It is no longer sold there but we do have a few left. If you have a cat or know a person with a cat called HODGE then this is a good value personalised tile. To have a specially made personalised cat tile is £30.00. If you would like one please call us on 01225 445086.

Samuel Johnson (1709-84), compiler of the first English Dictionary, was not only a writer and critic, but also a renowned and witty conversationalist. Dr Johnson – as he is always known – was devoted to his cat Hodge who lived with him at 17 Gough Square, London. Referring to Hodge, Dr Johnson is reputed to have said ”...but he is a very fine cat indeed...”

Fixing Points: One hole: near the top in the diamond shape part of the cartouche

Dimensions: 10.2cm x 10.5cm