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BOOTY - Golden Age of Piracy Game

BOOTY - Golden Age of Piracy Game

A board game designed by Daniel Collings. The concept began in the late 1980's as an ‘A’ Level project. The game went through periods of development and then even longer periods of sitting in a cupboard. Around 2013/14 the game was eventually completed and through much testing with friends and relatives it has evolved into a highly enjoyable game.

You are a pirate and command a galleon. You travel the world gathering wealth and fighting off your opponents for a chance to win the game. Some luck, careful play and a little strategy should help you to succeed but fortunes can rapidly change. Be prepared for anything to happen......

All the features on the map are taken from 16th-18th century maps and charts and all the game pieces are made by Daniel. A game for 3-6 players normally lasts between 1 and 2 hours. The map measures 112cm x 66cm and is made of a durable plastic film.

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