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A personalised laurel wreath for any message

Personalise this laurel wreath

Price : £48.00

Please click here to see further examples of this personalised design

This personalised message tile is based on our house blessing tile 'Parva Domus'. We can add a message onto this design which is unique to you. This could be used for many different purposes such as in the photographed examples shown. This message is surrounded by Laurel leaves and berries with a hanging hole amongst the leaves at the top of the design.

We have made it possible to create a short message on this tile. Please contact us with your message so we can check if it will fit into this design.

Fixing Points: one hole at the top between the foliage and flat writing area
Dimensions: 10.2cm x 8.8cm

Characters Available for Personalised Tiles

This tile supports up to 30 characters comprising of the following:

Letters: A to Z in capital letters     Numbers: 0 to 9

Additional Characters: ’ & - ! • (enter • using *)

Lower Case Letters: d, h, n, r, s, t, to make abbreviations such as 'st' 'nd' 'rd' and 'th'

Personalised Tiles Firing Schedule

Specially made tiles are added to firings as scheduled below. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for us to make your tile.

We aim to stick the schedule as much as possible but firings can be changed depending on how the tiles are drying.


Next Firing

Deadline: 23rd March ~ Firing Scheduled: 20th April

Firing closed to new orders

This is the last guaranteed firing whilst we try to work out our future strategy for coping with the coronavirus outbreak. No further orders for this firing can be accepted as we have stopped production for the next few weeks/months. 


Following Firing

Deadline: 20th April ~ Firing Scheduled: 30th September

Lots of time to make your tile

Important notice regarding personalised tiles: With the coronavirus outbreak we are seeing most of the heritage shops and galleries we supply closing until further notice. This means that we have stopped production for now which in turn means no firings. Please don't order personalised tiles until the end of May at the earliest as we won't be able to complete them. This message will be updated sometime in May.

Further Examples

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