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Seahorses tile

Price : £18.00

Sea horses are small delicate sea creatures that are different from other fish in that they are monogamous and mate for life. The male carries the eggs which, when they hatch, are released as miniature versions of the parents. This design is based on a stone carving found over a doorway on the City University in Paris.

Fixing Points: the hole in the middle of the heart shape at the top of the tile
Dimensions: 8.3cm x 10.2cm

Imperfect Tiles (1 available)

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Imperfect tiles are slightly below the high standards of our perfect tiles. These tiles are a great
way to add to your collection and saves 6 per tile against the price of perfect tiles.
An imperfect tile will have a small defect of some kind, such as a crack or surface blemish.
A crack will not be easy to spot from the front but is likely to be more obvious from the back.
You are welcome to contact us before purchasing an imperfect tile to ask about the defects.


Price : £12.00