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Passenger Pigeon

Passenger Pigeon wall decoration

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The American Passenger pigeon was very different from our British pigeon. In 19th century North America, flocks of these would darken the sky. Early settlers regarded them as predators and shot the birds indiscriminately in vast numbers. After half a century, the birds dwindled in number and, before they could be saved, they became extinct. The last passenger pigeon died in captivity in a zoo in New York in about1914. Alfred Waterhouse, the 19th century architect of London’s Natural History Museum, designed a wonderful range of decorative bas relief panels which can still be seen both inside and outside the museum. Sadly, the Passenger Pigeon represents the tragic effect of mankind’s thoughtless treatment of the natural world. This wall decoration would make a great present for all nature lovers – and perhaps for younger people to remind them of this sad story and to inspire them to care for our earth.

Fixing Points: two holes - quite well disguised either side of the bird's head
Dimensions: 10.4cm x 10cm