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Lucky Carp

Lucky Carp with a carpe diem moment

Price : £17.00

Inscription: CARPE DIEM

This tile could be seen as a meeting of East and West. In Chinese culture statues and pictures of the koi or carp fish are thought to bring good fortune: wealth, prosperity and luck to the home or business. In Japan koi means love or affection and so is a symbol of love and friendship.

The classical Roman poet Horace wrote in his lyric poem the famous phrase ‘Carpe Diem’. This is usually translated as ‘seize the day’ or sometimes as ‘pluck the day'.  The phrase has been enthusiastically absorbed into today’s language, perhaps especially since the cult film The Dead Poets’ Society (1989) used it as a neat summary of the story’s philosophy.


Fixing Points: Two holes: in the middle of the tile

Dimensions: 9.9cm x 10cm