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HRH Highgrove Hen

The Highgrove Hen

This tile was specially commissioned by Highgrove and is available only from Highgrove.

HRH The Prince of Wales has always had a keen interest in poultry and keeps free-range Maran and Welsummer hens on the estate at Highgrove, where they live in the orchard and graze among apple trees. The organic eggs from these prized hens are used for the household, as well being sold in the shop on the estate. This is a Hen from Highgrove.

Fixing Points: a slot cut into the back of the tile
Dimensions: 10.3cm x 10.5cm

Imperfect Tiles (1 available)

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Imperfect tiles are slightly below the high standards of our perfect tiles. These tiles are a great
way to add to your collection and saves 6 per tile against the price of perfect tiles.
An imperfect tile will have a small defect of some kind, such as a crack or surface blemish.
A crack will not be easy to spot from the front but is likely to be more obvious from the back.
You are welcome to contact us before purchasing an imperfect tile to ask about the defects.


Price : £12.00